Plein air painting Croatian seascape

The turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, the emerald greens of Rab island's secluded bays, the deep blue skies over Croatia. Artist's life seems like a permanent vacation. Then comes the relentless scorching August sun. Carrying an easel, paint brushes, tubes of paints and canvases which weigh almost 20kg may seem nothing for a seasoned en plein air painter like Gerard. However in this weather they weigh a ton.
Holiday or not there is not a single day without painting. Kozica Beach's captivating beauty at the fingertips just lends itself to painting. Lopar Peninsula, a good hour walk through the empty dusty roads is so worth an effort too! When the sun becomes too much for a midday walk an old fig tree by the terrace provides a shade and a new subject.

Gerard's paintings encapsulate the vibrant colours of the surrounding nature, the richness of the water tones, the textures of the rocks, the temperature. They store the sizzling energy of late August which will emanate when the days get shorter, darker and colder. When back to London, Dublin or anywhere where the summer is far, far away.

Text: Sylwia Janik