LOBSTER CRAB ... and all that JAZZ
24th - 26th August 2012
Quick sketch, a bit of colouring and here it is DALKEY LOBSTER FEST logo by Gerard Byrne. Looks brilliant!
It's only a first year of the festival held in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, seaside village celebrating good seafood, good jazz and all that joy & happiness which goes with it. 3 day Festival Programme is full of entertainment.
Being a local artist, the festival weekend  Gerard is opening his studio & home, ART HOUSE, to art lovers and admirers.
2 Eagle Terrace
Sorrento Road
Co Dublin
SAT & SUN (25th & 26th Aug0,  1pm - 5pm)

Dalkey Lobster and Jazz Festival original logo sketch by Gerard Byrne
Dalkey Lobster and Jazz Festival logo by Gerard Byrne