Plein air painting Croatian seascape


The turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, the emerald greens of Rab island's secluded bays, the deep blue skies over Croatia. Artist's life seems like a permanent vacation. Then comes the relentless scorching August sun. Carrying an easel, paint brushes, tubes of paints and canvases which weigh almost 20kg may seem nothing for a seasoned en plein air painter like Gerard. However in this weather they weigh a ton.

Holiday or not there is not a single day without painting. Kozica Beach's captivating beauty at the fingertips just lends itself to painting. Lopar Peninsula, a good hour walk through the empty dusty roads is so worth an effort too! When the sun becomes too much for a midday walk an old fig tree by the terrace provides a shade and a new subject.



September 2, 2017