Gerard Byrne proudly supports the Bounce Alzheimer's Therapy (BAT) Foundation at The Alzheimer's Show. The UK's leading exhibition and conference for dementia takes place on 10-11th June 2016.



For the first time, the show plays host to an exclusive artwork display called ‘Memorable Icons’. The unique collection of portraits features famous people - past and present – affected by the mental disorder. Icons depicted include Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson, Terry Pratchett, Iris Murdoch, Prunella Scales, Sugar Ray Robinson, Peter Falk and Charles Bronson. Gerard was delighted to contribute to this exceptional collection a portrait of an American boxer Sugar Ray Robinson.



The show attracted media attention. The BBC crew filmed its highlights like the BAT Foundation’s table tennis therapy. This specially designed table gives those with dementia a chance to exercise both mind and body while having fun. The artist participated in promotion of the table tennis therapy, along the side with Darius Knight, international team GB table tennis player and Marco, a designer for Inclusion Table Tennis.


June 12, 2016