Exclusive private view of 'Alzheimer's in the Frame' at Gallery Elena Shchukina


The prestigious Gallery Elena Shchukina in Mayfair, London hosted an exclusive private view of 'Memorable Icons'. The artwork collection featured celebrity figures affected by dementia. The show was to raise awareness of the mental condition. Dementia does not discriminate and can strike anyone at anytime, regardless of age, celebrity status or wealth. Famous personas including Rita Hayworth, Peter Falk and Margaret Thatcher all suffered mental disorder at a time when little was known about it. The general public used to have a very limited understanding and knowledge of the condition.



The exhibition showcased the artwork created for The Alzheimer's Show by a range of acclaimed and talented artists. The collection includes images of Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson, Charles Bronson, Prunella Scales  and Sugar Ray Robinson. Eleven of the portraits are in paint, three in fine art print, one is a collage of glass and one in cross-stitch. This eclectic mix of styles and techniques has resulted in eye-catching and thought-provoking exhibit. The participating artists included, among others, Gerard Byrne, Paul Wright, Pure Evil and Robert Adam. The project was commissioned by Draw Events, organisers of The Alzheimer's Show. The Social Enterprise Initiative Ravenous For Art in collaboration with Bounce Alzheimer's Therapy (BAT) Foundation collated the show.


June 6, 2016