Gerard Byrne seems to be constantly on the move. His bright Islington studio provides a great working space but Gerard is an outdoor painter more than anything. Since his move to London in October 2014 the artist has been out in the streets, exploring the city, getting to know its landmarks and hidden corners. He is particularly attracted to water: bridges, locks, boats, canals and walkways along the River Thames feature strongly in his London works. He commenced his big city adventure with the oil paintings of the Albert Bridge and the dramatic charcoal images of the Tower Bridge. Then in the midst of the summer he framed the serene scenes of Richmond and most recently got fascinated with the Hammersmith Bridge and the nearby barges on the river. Sun, wind, rain or cold, Gerard cannot resist painting en plein air. Similarly the passers-by find it irresistible to look closely at his art and take an opportunity to chat with the artist.

October 29, 2015