If there was one thing Gerard could have wished for while visiting Brighton, it would have been a time capsule to transport him a hundred years back to the romantic Victorian era when the place was flourishing. The sea side resort had been on the artist ‘places to paint’ list for years and two weeks in September proved to be rather fruitful. Naturally, Gerard stayed close to the sea. The Brighton Pier seemed like an unquestionable choice of a subject followed by the red brick Victorian building by the beach. Gerard dreamt of drawing the long gone Chain Bridge and the incredible construction of the ‘Daddy Long Legs’. Instead, the artist captured the Clifton Terrace adding new colours to his palette. Brighton responded with a warm welcome. After a few days in its streets he was being greeted with a cheerful: ‘Good morning Mr. Artist’ and invited for tea. The visit has resulted in a collection of outdoor oil paintings and charcoal sketch. The artist promised to go back for more!


September 25, 2015