Provence in the summer is full of aromatic flavours, earthy colours and warm light. To follow in the footsteps of the Great Masters was a privilege and a great delight. The three week journey started at the holiday home of a long time friend, Paddy. The house sits at the heart of Provence with a distant view of the Mont Sainte Victoire, a favourite subject of Cezanne’s many paintings. However, Gerard found his inspiration in the Provencial light, the shadows and depth it creates. Part 2 of the adventure encompassed the deeper understanding of Van Gogh’s heritage. To be able to paint the same sights the great Vincent had painted made Gerard’s dreams come true. There were hours of hard work, especially in the scorching sun and the emotional moments of standing in the exact footsteps of the Master, looking at the same sceneries, painting the  same landscape. The outcome of the trip is a collection of the oil paintings of various sizes and for the artists himself, a sense of standing up to a  challenge.

August 21, 2015