FORMA interiors, spring 2008
volume 8 issue 2
Designs on China


"Dhub (pronounced dee-hub) is a unique trade marketing platform  consisting of a creative commercial collective of the very best of Irish design and founded on the principle 'what goes around, comes around'. With dhub, we can tailor selling shows according to the location, as well as raising the profiles of individual designers through tactical marketing.

In essence, dhub makes it possible for small indigenous design-led businesses to enter markets that previously, either for reasons of language, distance or unfamiliarity appeared inaccessible, and presents an ideal networking opportunity for those looking to trade outside Ireland.

It sounds like a win/win proposition for everyone. design-led businesses get to concentrate on what they do best, while dhub makes it possible to both exhibit and trade in key locations in Europe, the US and Asia as well as Ireland, benefiting from a cohesive, umbrella marketing strategy.

For some businesses, January can be a slow month. But never one let the grass grow under her feet, it was for Janie Lazar, MD of Design Classic Direct, the perfect time to kick-start a new venture.

She explains "The notion of a 'pop-up' shop fits in well with our ethos at Design Classic Direct (...) So having come across a space in Cows Lane, she decided to harness its capabilities for a couple of weeks. "Our 'hub' presented itself as a viable pop-up marketing venue and we found that by inviting other design-related businesses to share our space, amazing things happened. Canvases by artist Gerard Byrne and Deepa Mann-Kler were very well received while Geoff Kirk of Kirk Modern, whose ceramics are fantastic collectables, found new admirers and customers. (...) In a way, dhub was born in a highly informal and creative way out of its sister business Design Classics Direct. The 'hub' was used for press interviews, product launches, private corporate receptions (...). We started planning dhub venue surround Ireland and, in the blink of an eye, we thought this can really travel, why not look at taking dhub to China."

Janie first travelled to China in October last year, with the goal of finding manufacturers for new designers of what she sees as 'classics of the furniture' or 'Future Classics'. (...)

May 15, 2011