Postcards from Dublin in aid of the Jack & Jill Children's Foundation


Once again Gerard Byrne is supporting anonymous charity art auction 'Incognito', a large-scale public art project.


How it works? This year there are 1670 miniature, original pieces of art designed by 1000+ artists to raise funds for the children’s charity. All postcard-size works of art can be viewed on the Incognito website until the 6th April when all these pieces of art will be available for sale in the Solomon Gallery in Dublin (beside the Westbury Hotel). Each piece of art will be available for purchase from Friday to Sunday only (first-come first-served) for a miniature price of €50 each but you won’t find out the identity of the artist until you purchase the piece.


The live exhibition is open to the public from Wednesday the 4th of April at 11am until Sunday the 8th April at 5pm (unless all pieces are sold before then). Here are the opening hours:

Wednesday 4th April – 11am to 5pm (viewing only)
Thursday 5th April – 11am to 5pm (viewing only)
Friday 6th April – 10am to 7pm
Saturday 7th April – 10am to 5pm
Sunday 8th April – 11am to 5pm

The artists' names, some very well-known, will remain incognito until the card is purchased and the artist’s signature is revealed on the back of the card. Gerard Byrne is delighted to join the forces of this fantastic arts initiative along the side of other talented artists as Tracey Emin, John Kelly, Peter Curling, Martin Gale, Olivia Golden, P.J. Crook, Ed Miliano, Abigail O’Brien, and Richard Gorman. They already committed – to paint, draw, collage or photograph on a small 150mm x 100 mm card (provided to their home or studio).


The organisers are hoping that the simplicity and speed of this approach will appeal to a wide base of artists. Furthermore, the anticipation and gamble of revealing the artist post-purchase means that all buyers will get to make an affordable purchase of something they like. Some buyers might just pick up something very valuable for €50.

All proceeds go to the Jack & Jill Children's Foundation. In 2017, this event raised €81,000 for Jack & Jill. The monies will be used to fund home nursing-care for children with severe development delay. Children who may never paint a picture themselves, but precious children who do better at home, where they are well cared for by their parents with critical support from Jack & Jill nurses.



March 30, 2018