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Forever Green I

Forever Green II triptych

Forever Green III triptych

Tropical Jungle

Gerard Byrne's en plein air oil paintings and charcoal sketches reflect the artist's everlasting love for architecture, plants, cityscape and landscape. The most recent collection 'Forever Green' was inspired by his painting trips over last summer to Croatia, Spain and Poland. Lush greenery of exotic palm leaves captured in contemporary yet impressionistic style will were showcased mid December at Focus LDN Winter Exhibition in London's Menier Gallery.


Events & Exhibitions

Battersea Spring Art Fair, London

Incognito - A Public Arts Initiative

Gemini's 2017 charity calendar

Winsor & Newton Prize

Gerard Byrne's  interest in diverse themes invites numerous exhibition opportunities and determines a choice of international and the UK events he participates in. In the upcoming visual arts initiative and fundraiser 'Incognito' Gerard explores the beauty of Dublin cityscapes on postcard-size scale, while late summer painting trip to eastern Poland focused on the rural landscape. On 16th and 17th July Gerard was participating for the very first time in Pintar Rapido London, the UK's biggest plein air painting festival winning outstanding 2nd Prize in a 'professional artists' category. First weekend of September he was capturing picturesque Amsterdam's famous canals competing in the following Pintar Rapido Amsterdam festival, resulting in the exhibit of two fabulous art pieces extraordinarily completed within just one day.