29 July 2017

This summer Gerard has been invited to participate in Pintar Rapido London as a guest artist.

With pleasure he took an opportunity to celebrate en plein air painting in the city. Together with other

finalists of the previous Pintar Rapido editions and artists taking part in this year competition, Gerard set off to the streets of London to find a suitable subject.


The artist chose to encapture Carlyle Square in Chelsea with its beautiful corner house. The weather forecast was sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon. Being aware of a potential rain Gerard decided to work in charcoal rather than oil and focus on the details. The drawing was almost finished when the rain started. Throughout his whole artistic career Gerard had never worked in the rain. However this time he was lucky to have his wife Agata by his side. Acting as an artist's assistant she held an umbrella above him allowing for the work to be completed. Not only did Gerard finished the drawing but also made another swift sketch!


All the Pintar Rapido participants returned to the Chelsea Town Hall soaked, shielding their works from getting wet. The artworks were instantly exhibited in the hall. The atmosphere was tremendous, filled with the satisfaction of a well spent day and excitement awaiting the judges decision. The judging panel lead by Adebanji Alade, a member of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters awarded the first prize of £1000 to Adam Ralston for a light oil painting.


Congratulations Adam for your achievement and all other artists for making it such a great day. Also a big thank you to the organisers, especially to Roger Beckett, of Pintar Rapido London 2017 for creating another excellent painting event!


Text: Sylwia Janik

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