GERARD BYRNE: Modern Impressionist & Contemporary figurative artist

Born in Dublin (1958), Gerard Byrne is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary artists. His expansive collection is representative of a versatility unparalleled in the contemporary Irish art scene. Byrne’s oil painting is distinctive for its vibrant palette, expressive brushwork and skillful contrasts of light and shade, all of which bring to mind the work of the Impressionist Masters. It is for this reason that Byrne may be regarded as a Contemporary Impressionist. His artwork can be seen in collections across Ireland and the world, including the Irish Government’s art collections, the Irish Embassies in Singapore and Beijing, and the Citadelle Art Museum in Texas, USA.


With no history of formal artistic training, Bryne’s journey to becoming an artist is a unique one. His extensive and varied life experiences are reflected in his artwork, from landscapes to still lifes to large scale figurative paintings. The time Byrne spent travelling as a young artist around the world, from Europe, through America and on to Asia, is present in the differing qualities of light across his paintings, while his intriguing multi figure compositions suggest a life full of interactions with a variety of people from a variety of cultures.  


The spontaneity of his works, their boldness, scale and sharp perspectives reveal Byrne’s true natural talent. His is an artist’s eye; something that is inherent, something that cannot be taught.


In 2017 he established the Gerard Byrne Studio in Ranelagh, a short distance from St Stephen’s Green in Dublin City Centre. The four-room Fine Art gallery space also offers a glimpse into Byrne’s creative artistic process. The Gerard Byrne Studio brings Byrne’s work to the public in carefully curated, imaginative exhibitions, which are well regarded and highly respected by art critics, collectors and curators.


The motivation and determination that helped Byrne build his career as an artist and gallery owner is still present to this day. He continuously works to further his career and challenge himself artistically. In 2019 Byrne was invited to spend a month as the Artist-in-Residence in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. His Residency was initiated by the Embassy of Ireland in Singapore, and supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs. 


Currently, Byrne is working towards a number of future international projects, which were put on pause due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Painting the cherry blossom season in Japan has been his long term dream, something that he had hoped to achieve this past year. Bryne plans to further his artistic connections within Asia, and is also working on potential collaborations in New York, Paris and Sydney. 


Necessitated by travel restrictions and health concerns, in 2020 Gerard Byrne Studio has transitioned more to an online existence to keep pace with the evolving environment and meet the needs of our customer base. The pandemic has changed the way we experience culture and art, and the Studio is taking the opportunity to challenge the boundaries of the traditional gallery space. 


With two innovative virtual gallery tours of Bryne’s most recent exhibitions, both of which are accessible via this website, we have created a new online gallery experience. Differentiated from existing online platforms, which essentially represent “story reading” of an artwork’s details, the 360 interactive Virtual Tours replicate, as closely as possible, the art gallery experience online. The technology is intuitive, easy to use and fun to navigate. The Studio is now accessible 24/7 to the entire global audience.







  • 2024 Spirit of PlaceGerard Byrne Studio, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2023 CharcoalogyGerard Byrne Studio, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2022 Connections, Wilton Gallery, Glasthule, Ireland
  • 2022 Turning Corners, Gerard Byrne Studio, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2021 To the Sea. Wild Atlantic Way &Great Blasket Island Exhibition, Greenlane Gallery, Dingle
  • 2020 Pause For Harmony, 360 Virtual Exhibition, Gerard Byrne Studio
  • 2020 Pause For Harmony, Gerard Byrne Studio, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2020 Botanical Fusion, 360 Virtual Exhibition, Gerard Byrne Studio
  • 2020 Botanical Fusion. Singapore to Dublin, Gerard Byrne Studio, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2019 Botanical Fusion, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore
  • 2018 Inside Outside & Beyond National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2018 Time is The Enemy Gerard Byrne Studio, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2017 Gerard Byrne Studio, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2016 Artists Open Houses Festival Brighton & Hove, UK
  • 2014 Gerard Byrne Studio London, UK
  • 2013 Gerard Byrne Studio Dalkey, Ireland
  • 2013 ART House, Dalkey, Ireland
  • 2013 ART House, Dalkey, Ireland
  • 2012 ART House, Dalkey, Ireland
  • 2012 ART House, Dalkey, Ireland
  • 2012 ART House, Dalkey, Ireland
  • 2009 Gorry Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2007 Greenlane Gallery, Dingle, Ireland
  • 2007 Gallery D4, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2006 Irish Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2005 Irish Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2004 Dalkey Arts Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2003 Gorry Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2001 Dalkey Arts Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2000 Gorry Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1998 Gorry Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1997 Bridge Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1996 Harrison Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1995 Harrison Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1995 Jo Rain Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1994 Jo Rain Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1994 Guinness Hop Store, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1993 Fortune Society, New York City, US
  • 1992 Browns Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1991 The George Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1990 People's Gallery, East Berlin, Germany
  • 1989 The George Gallery, Dublin, Ireland